Water Content Sensor (WCS-1)
Water Content Sensor (WCS-1)
Water Content Sensor (WCS-1)
Water Content Sensor (WCS-1)

Water Content Sensor (WCS-1)

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The WCS-1 water content sensor allows the user to monitor the % of water / nutrients within the growing medium. The moisture level / water content is displayed in real-time on the WCS module itself, the Aqua-x and the APP. That data is displayed on a graph (through the APP) and helps the user visualize the dry-down time, and to make adjustments to their irrigation timers / irrigation cycles. Up to 8 WCS-1 can be connected to a single Aqua-x. When multiple WCS-1 are connected to a single Aqua-X, the displayed value on the Aqua-x and APP will be the AVERAGE of all of the sensors.



  • LCD Display, Easy Operation

  • Addressing Button

  • Water Content Real-time Measuring
Water Content
  • Alarm When Setpoint Exceeded


Package Contents:


  • 1 x Water Content Sensor
  • 1x RJ12 T-Splitter
  • 1 x 16ft RJ12 Cable





Input Voltage:                                    12 VDC

Max Input Current:                             0.1A

Working Environments:                    Temperature 32°-122°F, Humidity≤90%

Measuring Range:                           0~100%

Packaging Dimensions:                   275mm(L) x 164mm(W) x 62mm(H)